Why SMEs Should Invest in E-Marketing

A lot of SME’s (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) have already embraced the idea of e-marketing, and are welcoming it with open arms. In this post, I am going to tell you why I think that SME’s should invest in e-marketing.

Firstly, a lot of SME’s are tight on cash, and are pouring half of their marketing budget into advertising or direct mail. E-marketing is cheap, and, in my opinion, a lot more effective. Nearly everyone is now using the internet, and that is why companies have started to take advantage of the internet to market their products/services.

The second benefit of e-marketing over traditional marketing is that it is so much easier to track; if you send out an email, you can see who opened it, who clicked which link, etc. If you choose PPC, you can track how many people clicked that. In e-marketing, because you can track your marketing campaigns in more detail, you can see where you are going wrong, and change it.

The third point I am going to discuss with you, before I give you some examples of e-marketing, is the reach of your online campaign. If you were doing a direct mail campaign, for example, how many people do you usually reach? With e-marketing, you have the potential to reach BILLIONS of people; for very little cost.

So, let’s have some examples of e-marketing. First, Social Networking. Social Networking is sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, where you interact with people from around the world, and all of these people are potential customers. The idea of a Social Networking campaign is literally just to interact with your prospects, give people some advice, and direct them to your website/blog.

Which brings us onto our second example; blogging. The word blog originated from web log, and that’s exactly what a blog is. Some people use it as an online diary, others to make money, and others use it as a marketing tool.

Basically, you write posts, and if you are doing it for marketing purposes, you write about your industry, establishing yourself as an expert. Once your readers start to trust you and consider you an expert in your field, then you start including links to your website in your posts.

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