Affiliate Marketing – Why You Need to Use Landing Pages

You’ve found your affiliate marketing products, signed up with a program, set up your Google AdSense campaign and planned out your other marketing campaigns.You are all ready to make your fortune promoting affiliate products, right? Not quite. Read on to learn why you need to create landing pages to make your affiliate marketing campaign even more successful.

A landing page is a specially designed sales page where your visitors will go when they click on any link you display, from your paid ads, to your signature file. Creating a landing page for your affiliate products can make all the difference to your bank account.

Would you like to be a super affiliate and be like some of that successful few percent who make tons of cash promoting affiliate programs? Then you need to take the time to make hyper-responsive landing pages for your visitors.

Here are a few reasons you need to take the time to create a great page for each affiliate product you’re promoting.


You are not the only person promoting a particular affiliate product or program. Other people are offering the same thing as you are. How you offer it may easily be the reason the visitor buys from you.


When you are selling an affiliate product, you are likely to only be earning money on a pay-per-sale basis. When you direct a potential customer directly onto your affiliate program’s sales page, you lose the opportunity to contact that person again.


Programs like AdSense no longer let you direct people straight to an affiliate’s marketing page. You need to direct your visitors to your own page in order for Google to let you pay them money to use their program!


With a landing page you have the opportunity to gather a name and email address from your site visitor, usually by offering them a free report, video, audio or ebook, before you send them onto the affiliate site. This means you can contact your prospect again and again with useful information, special deals, articles and other deals on your affiliate product. Many people need to see a promotion up to seven times before they are ready to make a buying decision.

When you create a landing page, you have to remember it’s all about your customer. Your landing page must be crafted to please them and offer them something they want. The purpose of your landing page is to convince your visitor to take action. You choose what action you want them to take and write your ad copy to achieve this goal. You might want them to leave a name and email for follow up or you may be convincing them why they need the product. Either way, you must spend time writing your copy to convince them to take immediate action.

If you spend time creating a top quality, action making landing page, you will achieve more sales conversions and it will ultimately cost you less in advertising, because you will sell more products to less people.

If you don’t have a well crafted, sales converting landing page for your affiliate products, it’s time to create one. Copywriting Secrets will teach you the tricks and techniques used by professional copywriters so you can create the same professional, high conversion sales letters for your site too.

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