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Success In Network Marketing With Zrii

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With only a month into a their launch of the next Billion Dollar Brand, Zrii is well on its way to being the next Superstar in the ever expanding Health and Wellness Industry with a Nutritional Drink Supplement like no other. This Network Marketing Company is building extremely fast with all of their Independent Executives sharing this offer to anyone who comes across its path.

People today want to make a difference while living a life with passion and a purpose. More than ever before people are striving for a proven way to prosper through a lifestyle that contributes to the greater good of all. Everyone who knows about Network Marketing, its all about helping others succeed to help your success. Direct selling teaches you critical life skills, real life training you can use everyday and helps affirm peoples worth and potential. It opens up a whole new income stream that can make a huge difference in their life.

This business strengthens our Country and our Economy not just building for your own success in Zrii, but also offering opportunity to others, and also are part of a global movement that promotes free enterprise and rewards individual initiatives, and direct selling promotes core values all around the globe. In the next ten years Paul Zane Pilser predicts there will be 10 million new Millionaires in the US alone, and many of them will be people that are involved with Network marketing. Your success is driven by personal referrals. Relationship marketing is the core of the home based Business boom.

Network Marketing has low investment, yet with high rewards and high returns, access to international markets, significant tax advantages, and of course a proven path to Residual Income or passive Income. Direct selling, is open to everyone regardless of your age, your educational background, financial status, and promotes solid ethical values that people are hungry for more than ever. Who wants to spend 2 hours a day in commute to a job you don’t like, and want to get out of. With Gas prices the way they are today more and more people are commuting from their bedroom to their living room for there job. And the internet gives you the practical tools to cash in on this exploding Global trend, leveraging the internet to do everything you need to do to manage a successful business from your desktop.

Now everybody has heard this lately… increasing unemployment, massive dislocation of jobs and industries, economic downturns everywhere we look. Are we in a period of economic decline?…But that all depends on where you are positioned. Were in a time of massive economic Change, and the bad news is, that a lot of us are losing our so called comfortable jobs, our industries, even our careers, and its happening to more of us even faster than before. But the good news is that newer better opportunities are opening up just as fast.

So if this opportunity is so great, than why haven’t we heard more about it, chances are good you probably have, you just may have not realized it, from the Avon Lady to the Kirby vacuum man, Mary Kay and Tupperware. Direct selling companies have been a part of the American fabric for more than 100 years. Surveys suggest that 3 out of 4 Americans have purchased from a direct seller at least once, and is the best kept secret of the business world.

You to can make a difference in your life today with Network Marketing and find the Financial freedom you have dreamed about and watched others attain.

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MLM Vs Direct Sales – Which One Is Better?

Jun 05 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In today’s article, I wanted to address the difference between MLM and direct sales. Both follow under the category of network marketing for the simple reason that you are using your network, or contacts, to sell information.

But the difference between MLM and direct sales is massive. In direct sales you typically have a higher entry cost, and no (or little) residual income. In MLM, the people at the top of the food chain struggle, often spending more time and recruiting and managing their “downlines” full of people who have no idea what they are doing. If you don’t have a large downline in MLM, then you are not going to be making a lot (if any) money. Also, if you do manage to recruit a lot of people, then you have to realize that, if you are not an effective leader, that a lot of those people will drop off.

MLM and direct sales opportunities seem to attract different types of people. A lot of the time MLM companies attract people with a lottery mindset. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, but if someone thinks that they can win the lottery, they are usually attracted to MLM companies. On the other hand, with direct sales opportunities, since the entry fee is higher, it appeals to people who are business minded. And what I mean by that is that these people have probably thought seriously of owning a franchise. They have done some research and instinctively know that the amount of work that they put in on a daily basis will pay off over time. It’s not going to happen overnight and they will have to work their butts off.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of good people in MLM that do work very hard and do very well. But with MLM, it is a tougher climb simply because you have to hone your leadership skills, and make sure that people stay with you. I know a lot of people who started out with MLM and then every morning, they either live or die depending on their daily report.

You can see that I am much more in favor of direct sales. Offering a high-value product where people are rewarded for how many sales they make, as opposed to how many people they recruit is simply the way to go. That way, you have a large cash reserve and can design how to take your business to the next level.

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The Importance of a Game Plan in an Internet Marketing Home Business

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In order to be able to attain real success in an internet marketing home business it is imperative to have a game plan in place. A game plan will essentially act as a guide in that will keep you on track focusing on the key result areas of your business. By neglecting to put a game plan in place to direct your actions and activities, you are setting yourself up for failure.

One of the most important reasons you must take the time to put together a game plan if you wish to have success in your internet marketing home business is because it will allow you to take focused and directed action. In many ways, a game plan acts like a set of directions. What do directions do? They take you from where you are to where you want to go. Well this is exactly what having a game plan in place allows you to do. By being focused on and knowing exactly what it is you need to get done each month, each week, and each day, you can go to work on those things and get them done.

A second benefit to having a game plan in place for your internet marketing home business is that it will drastically increase your efficiency. It is very easy to get distracted online and the effects of this are much lower efficiency and productivity. People spend time doing things that do nothing to build their business or to help it grow. By comprising your game plan of activities that directly impact your business in a positive manner (helping it grow and become more profitable) you can focus your efforts on these tasks. The result of spending more time and focusing more energy and effort on income producing activities and key result areas, you will substantially increase your efficiency and productivity.

An additional benefit of implementing a game plan in your internet marketing home business is that it will also enable you to prioritize the importance of the activities you engage in. The biggest waste of time is doing something that doesn’t need to be done at all. With a game plan in place, you can ensure that you are spending your time completing the tasks that are essential to the life of your business. Each day you can block out time to complete these important tasks and ensure they get completed. With the absence of a game plan, many unsuccessful marketers spend time doing things that do not have any real impact on their business. If these individuals had a game plan in place, they could much more easily prioritize their activities and get the key tasks done each and every day. This would directly result in more favorable results.

The fact is having a game plan in place is going to set your internet marketing home business up for success. A game plan will enable you to focus in on the key result areas of your business, prioritize those tasks, and subsequently complete them habitually, drastically improving your efficiency and productivity. A game plan will keep you on the right track and not allow you to be thrown off. Your actions will stay directed and your internet marketing home business will be set up for success.

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7 Surefire Ways To Attract And Direct Website Traffic Starting Yesterday

Jun 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Learning to direct website traffic to your site is one of the most important things for you to master in order for your business to realize long term growth and success. In a nutshell, more traffic simply means more profit. If you have already learned to direct website traffic where you need it the most, the next thing you should ask yourself is how you can increase that traffic and keep on looking for new ways to perpetually attract website traffic.

Because this is so essential for every business person we bring you this article to give you some tips and some surefire strategies to direct website traffic to the pages that matter the most. This should be one of the core processes of your company and you really don’t want to be left behind or miss out on some easy pickings if at all possible. If the methods you are using don’t give you the results you are expecting then it’s time for you to start thinking of other ways to attract website traffic and you really should have started yesterday.

Don’t even think about starting tomorrow… it’s too late. You can’t sleep while your competitors are trying to outmaneuver you… they certainly won’t be doing so. You need to start yesterday. So here are the 7 surefire ways to attract and direct website traffic starting yesterday.

  1. Search Engine Ads – Search engines like Yahoo Overture and Google AdWords are excellent billboards that can provide you with great advertising spots. This is a surefire hit but you have to pay for it. The price you have to pay is nothing compared to the traffic it will bring to you, so don’t hesitate to invest in these search engines. Just make sure you have a qualified marketing agent running the campaigns for you.
  2. Exchanging Links – This method is beneficial for both parties… a true win-win situation. Exchanging links with other website owners is a great way to direct website traffic to your sales pages. Using this method, the effort is doubled because it consists of the two of you working on website traffic. So, trade more links and generate more traffic.
  3. The Viral Marketing Method – This is a cheap way to spread the word about your company and your products or services. Find an entertaining and funny story and insert your link or company’s product name. When readers find it interesting and funny, the tendency is that they will share it with their friends. So the probability of your site being clicked is very high!
  4. Use The Right Keywords and Keyword Phrases for Your Website Content – If you want to attract website traffic your content must be rich in information and it must focus on the right keywords and keywords phrases so that you can gain the top ranking of the search engines. The search engines are looking for certain keywords that they will show on the search results. It is better if your keywords properly describe what the visitor will find in which case the search engines will direct website traffic for you. Hire someone to put content on your website or if you can, it is much better if you write it on your own.
  5. Write Articles – Articles are not simply used to provide information but also used to direct website traffic. Look for a website that deals with the same subject and submit an article to it. The topic of the article should be relevant to the product or services you are promoting and at the end of it, you can provide a description of your business and post a link. If the information was found useful visitors will flock to your site to learn more.
  6. Forums and Online Communities – Find a good forum where you think you can easily market your product. Make yourself known and get the people’s attention and trust so you can easily discuss your product with them and if they already trust you, they will recommend your product to a friend and this is where your traffic starts. You can attract website traffic quite easily if you take the time to build some trust before you start advertising your site.
  7. Offer A Newsletter – Last but definitely not the least is offering your readers a newsletter. Let the people know about your company and stimulate their curiosity and interest in your website and when you spark their interest, they might be help you out by recommending your website to their friends and family and that will direct website traffic where you need it the most.

Learning to attract website traffic is not an exact science because every niche has different preferences and different requirements. Therefore care should be given in fostering any of these methods so that when you take the extra time to actually learn to direct website traffic properly it will reward you by continuing for months or years into the future.

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Smart Marketing During A Slow Market

Jun 02 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When consumer spending is soft and your business is feeling the loss it is time to beef up your marketing efforts. If you wait for an improvement in the economy, a new sales cycle, or better market conditions to start a marketing campaign, you risk losing customers and giving your competitors the advantage. When times are slow smart businesses can turn a bad economy into their advantage.

During any type of slow sales cycles you need to have a way to fight for every sale out there. Marketing is designed to do exactly that. Trimming your marketing budget now is going to give your competition the advantage. Be consistent with all your messages and direct your marketing to a specific audience. Use your marketing budget wisely to generate increased exposure, stay in touch with your customers, and generate leads.

Keep your eye on your long-term goal. A strategic marketing campaign is needed to get you through a bad economic time. There are many studies that show businesses who continue their marketing campaigns through difficult economic times are the ones that come out ahead when the economy starts to turn around. And it will turn around.

Companies that increased advertising during an economic downturn increased market share an average of 1.5 percentage points according to the Profit Impact of Market Strategy (PIMS) study conducted by the Strategic Planning Institute. Companies that cut budgets gained only 0.2 percentage points (from weaker competitors dropping out during a recession). Cutting advertising budgets hurts immediate and long-term profits and brand awareness.

Use high-return marketing techniques. While your competitors are slashing their marketing budgets, you should be redirecting your resources to results-oriented campaigns such as direct mail marketing. Use this marketing tactic to gain the attention of targeted audiences such as your existing customers, potential buyers you’ve had some previous contact with, and prospects.

Marketing campaigns during tough times will increase:

  • Visibility: Competitors are reducing marketing efforts so you have the ‘marketplace stage’ to yourself. Now is when your marketing will get much more attention.
  • Top-of-mind awareness: Every piece of direct mail you send helps your customers/prospects remember you.
  • Your image: If you want to be seen as an industry player, present yourself as one. You are strong enough to endure despite market conditions.
  • Customer dialogue: Keep your customers informed about how the economy is affecting your line of business. Informed customers are more loyal.
  • Marketing during slow economic times allows you to propel out of slow times when the economy recovers. Keep your lines of communication steady and strong and you’ll emerge stronger and achieve more when things pick up. Now is a perfect time to create a unique selling proposition (USP), something that sets you apart from your competition. Consumers quickly cut out non-essentials. You need to determine which product or service you offer that is considered as ‘essential’ during bad economic times and use your USP in your target marketing efforts.

    The PIMS study showed a direct link between market share and the amount of marketing businesses do. Companies that are more visible than the industry norm sell more during the years following a recession. Those that advertise below the norm sell less after a recession. The PIMS study showed:

  • Aggressive marketers achieved an average 0.2 point gain in the recovery period.
  • Budget-cutters lost an average of 1.0 point in market share.
  • Overall, the aggressive marketers outperformed the average of all businesses by almost 250%.
  • Consumer spending is slowing to a crawl and you have inventory to sell. This economic situation strikes fear into business owners. Stay the course and you will come out of slow times faster and healthier than your competition. Keep in mind that direct mail marketing is a successful tactic to achieve steady, calculated, long-term growth. If you cut your marketing during a slow period it may be too difficult and too costly to rebuild your customer base later. As a smart business owner avoid the urge to pull back and you will make yourself/company more valuable and less forgettable

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